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Skala Potamia
Hardly 3 km away from Potamia and 11 roughly km away from the Capital of island, Limenas (or even Thassos, as is differently called) is found Skala Potamias.Substantially it was built in the beginning of one of the most beautiful gulfs of Greece, Golden Sandy beach, that essentially begins from the Skala Potamia and leads to the Scale of Panagia with roughly 4 km of endless sandy beach.In the past
This is a beautiful place of the island which passed great glories in antiquity, which is concluded by the monuments that have survived, such as the marble quarry, the caves used as a place of worship, the sanctuary, etc.At the edge of islet, the ancient quarries which were used extensively during the Roman Empire still exist. At this place marble was extracted and barged into ships from 6th century
Limenaria that is found in the southern part of Thassos, constitutes the bigger town of island. In the past it knew very big growth when the company Speidel (the building of which, named Palataki, constitute today signal deposited for the region) made excavation in the rich mines that existed there.During the times, however, more and more visitors discovered the beauties that it has to offer this separate
Golden Beach
The village Panagia offers the better and cleaner beach of Thassos and one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece, the "Golden beach" with the unique east. It is a beach with smooth sandy bottom where everyone can enjoy his swimming and meet all charms of sea (marinely sport, fishing etc).The golden Sandy beach apart from spotless is also an organized beach. Historical is the plane that covers the
The wonderful summer night without a trace of clouds, the so-called clear skies, gave their name to this beautiful part of the island which is said to have the best climate on the island. The beaches in Astris is wonderful and is a traction not only to customers from around the hotel and to all visitors of Thassos.Source: Thassos Municipality
Limenas is the capital of Thassos, where are found the Town-hall and the central administrative services, but also the bigger market. From ancient years it constituted the most important city of island, with unique natural beauties and rich historical and archaeological elements.Today, it has been changed in a tourist centre of international impression, keeping well protected its tradition. In Limenas
Skala Marion
Skala Marion is a graphic village that does not lose its character even during the period of summertime when the island has been submerged by visitors.It constitutes common secret for those who know Thassos, that here anyone can find the freshest fishes that are cooked with old recipes of local residents. In the beach Aspas, a small creek with spotless waters and gold sand, the visitors are few and
The community of Theologos takes two-fifths of the total area of the island. The village is located 220 meters from the sea, at the mountains of Thassos, north of Potos at a distance of 60 kilometers from Limenas.Theologos was an old market town, seat of the first Governor of the island during the Egyptian occupation (1813-1902). Theologos until the last century was the most important village of the
For those that want to learn how the Greek islands were before the season of organized tourism, Maries constitute unique occasion.The view of the sunset steals the disposal for each unnecessary reason.The three beaches of village constitute pole of attraction for the visitors not only of Marias but also of the entire Thassos.
Skala Kallirachis
Almost the only place on the island where you can still see the small houses that were built many years ago, literally in the sea, where fishermen gathered their boats to protect them from the bad weather. Today is a popular holiday destination mainly by Greek visitors but also a meeting point for gourmets on the island!Source: Municipality of Thassos
Psili Ammos
Psili Ammos is a beach of unique beauty, just 5 km from Potos. Definitely it is worth a visit to swim in the turquoise waters and enjoy local dishes in the nearby taverns.Source: Municipality of Thassos
Megalos Prinos or Megalo Kazaviti and Mikros Prinos or Mikro Kazaviti are located on the northwestern side of Thassos and belong to the community of Prinos. Perched on the wooded slopes of mountain Ypsarios, overlooking the Aegean Sea and offer to visitors the beauty of the mountains and the incomparable view of the endless sea.
In the northeastern side of Thassos and in the best forest left on the island at an altitude of 250-300 meters, is nestled the picturesque village of Panagia. Breathtaking beauty in a wonderful combination of mountain and sea and lively Greek island tradition. With distinctive architecture, narrow streets, abundant crystal waters of many springs, can satisfy all visitors' desires.There are apartments
Pefkari was named by a beautiful pine forest that exists in periochi.Einai certainly one of the most beautiful places on the island, with two bays that have wonderful sandy beach and crystal clear waters are beautiful hotels that only a small road separates the beach, the unique taverns almost next to the sandy beach, water sports center and camping are some of the reasons that hundreds of visitors
The sovereign picture that acquires somebody when he visits Potamia is the green.Those who love the mountaineering they can begin from here for the conquest of the tallest top of Ypsarios. Thousands visitors each summertime roll up to the Scale of Potamia (Golden Coast) in order to combine the mountain with the sea.The coastal street, full with taverns, bar and cafe, leads to the small port of region
The village, that has a unique view across the bay of Kavala, is 30 km away from Thassos Town and 2 km from Skala Kallirachis. According to tradition Pirates destroyed the original village of Kallirachi, which was located elsewhere. The old village was renamed Kaki Rachi (Bad Back). Before the destruction, a nobleman named Savel and his entourage left the old village and came to this place that now
Kastro is located northeast of Limenaria to the center of the island. The medieval village is at an altitude of 650 meters. Like the other mountainous villages, it isn't visible from the shore. This helped protect the island and its inhabitants from plundering pirates.Its name came from the ruins of a castle that once stood there. Jacob Gkateloutsi the Genoatis in which the Emperor Emanouil II gave
Skala Prinou
Close to Prinos of Thassos and next to the graphic beach, we meet Skala Prinou. In this coastal and beautiful hamlet, the visitor will find enough choices of lodgings and moreover offices of renting of cars.Ferry-Boots from the harbour of Kavala and the bight of New Peramos, to regular itineraries lead directly to the Skala Prinou.The scale of Prinos with Prinos are today almost linked because of the
Skala Rachoniou
On the northwest coast of Thassos in a fertile plain covered with olive and pine trees, the locations Skala Rachoniou and Pachi have developed in recent years. Skala Rachoniou is, also, a port of another village called Rachoni. The beach and the coast are beautiful, the water is shallow and spotless.Residents of Skala Rachoniou earn a living from the production of olives, agriculture, fishing and tourism.
Paradise Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Thassos. It was named after the exotic beauty and the forest that surrounds it.Paradise Beach comprises an organized beach with many facilities such as deck-chairs, table boards and taverns as well as a beach volley court. In the past it was a beach for nudists, since it is not discernible from the road. However, the naturists usually swim in the
Thimonia is located in the southeastern part of Thassos between Alyki and the monastery of Archangel Michael. Its distance from Limenas is 32km and 16km from Poto.It is a quiet rocky beach ideal for fishing. The beach is not organized, so it is suggested that you have the appropriate equipment. By the shore you will discover an ancient extant circular tower at an impressive height with an external
This village is known in history as "Ainira" and "Kinira." Now known as "Loutrou". Ruins of the Byzantine era baths and traces a Christian royal temple have survived here. This was ancient mining site. . Hotels, bungalows, apartments, restaurants and taverns, impeccably vacationers. The beaches with colorful pebbles and sand rich offer tourists great moments. Close to Kinira along the coast paradise
Potos Thassos
In previous days, Potos was the bigger village of Thassos with important movement and constituted, as today, the "Scale of" Theologos. In the past few years it is one of the knownest tourist resorts of island with important growth.Very beautiful, effervescent and with a lot of choices of amusement, Potos does not leave no one with complaints. Sea sports and the dance in the rythms of music of beach
Skala Sotiros
As in all the mountainous villages of Thassos so in Sotiros there was Skala, where lived a few fishermen families and other residents. A few houses, cafes, a number of huts for the boats and two mills were at Skala Sotiros until 1963 when plots were given by the consolidation that took place. Since 1976 began the rebuilding of the village.What characterizes Skala Sotiros is the town planning.In excavations

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    Vathi Beach, Beaches of Thassos

    Vathi is located in the northeastern part of the island.Vathi is a magnificent beach with emerald waters and trees surrounding it. It is quiet and remote. It is not an organized beach and the access from the land is difficult via a dirt-road from Makryammos. It’s a beach or great resort for crafts and you can visit it easily by taxi boat.